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Trail in Woods


Ambush at Horse Creek

Danger and adventure are at every turn in this new Western. You won’t want to put this one down. 


A Pirate Captain Like No Other

Raven is a young woman determined to free those forced into slavery and disrupt the trading of slaves of all countries involved. 

Travel with her on her ship with crimson-colored sails as she strikes terror into the minds of merchant sea captains throughout the seas. 

Follow the Red Raven as she travels the seas from England, the Gulf of Guinea, Madagascar, South America, the Caribbean, and the Carolina Coast, freeing enslaved people along the way.

Adventure awaits in every seaport. Some men love her; others hate her, and all fear her. 


Ambush at Horse Creek

An Exciting, adventurous Western that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Fifteen-year-old Stevie Watson rides for the Pony Express in 1860 and finds danger and challenges on every trail as he sprints between stations. During an attack by Kiowa Indians at Horse Creek, Stevie reflects on his life and the experiences that brought him to this point. Wounded and frightened, he remembers the family he misses and loves dearly. Can he escape his predicament? Will his friends come to his rescue? Will he survive?


Follow Stevie as he encounters Indians, outlaws, and slave hunters along the trail from Albany, New York, to his family’s new homestead in St. Joseph, Missouri. See how he grows into a man on whom everyone depends. 


“Ambush at Horse Creek” will spring up all sorts of emotions as you read: anticipation, fear, laughter, pain, and sorrow. So saddle up and come along for the ride to “Ambush at Horse Creek” by Michael L. Clark.


Pony Express Silouette Gold.png


Michael L. Clark has woven together the perfect blend of historical facts, events, and locations, along with a captivating storyline, to produce an engaging account of the Watson family as they journey west and settle in life on a new frontier. While illness and death took their toll on many who traveled this path, luck and the aid of neighbors allowed for survival. As members of the Watson family experience hardships and struggles, we see how having to trust in others can change friendships into a family.

Great historical references on the early years of St Joseph, Missouri, and the Pony Express as it developed westward into dangerous territory, which was instrumental in the growth of our country, socially, politically, and economically.

Melanie L Hendrix, M.Ed.
Historian and educator, U.S. History

Ambush at Horse Creek is a wonderful story that chronicles the life and adventures of Stevie Watson as he grows from a boy to a man in the mid-1800s and takes part in the inauguration of the Pony Express. The adventures of Stevie as a Pony Express courier are as fast-paced as his horse rides, as he encounters troubles with bandits and Indians along his journeys. While adults will certainly enjoy the book for its adventure and insights into the life of a Pony Express courier, young boys will be inspired by the exemplary character and work ethic of young Stevie, who readily accepted responsibilities and helped his family on their journey from the East coast to St Joseph, Mo., and in establishing their new home, leading him to become a prime recruit for the Pony Express. I heartily recommend this book to history enthusiasts, adventure lovers, and especially to young boys who will enjoy a good Western novel and learn character and responsibility from Stevie Watson.

Steve Lindsey, Assistant Registrar, Mercer University School of Law



Emily and Daniel, a happily married couple, are attempting to live a simpler life and live it to the fullest at their small farm in rural middle Tennessee. The two become separated when Daniel, while on a trail ride with his best friend, Jimbo, accidentally discovers a gateway that sends him two hundred years back in time.

Emily, with the help of her newfound friend, Tommy Brown (a park ranger), desperately searches for her beloved who seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth.

Daniel struggles for survival and answers, living in the past along the Natchez Trail in 1818. Can Daniel find his way back through time to be reunited with Emily? Will Emily discover what has become of her husband? Or, are they both destined to live separate lives, never to see one another for eternity?

Treachery, thievery, Indian attacks, and bandits await the two as they struggle to find their way back to each other. Mystery and drama await them at the end of every turn. Be careful! You, too, could be drawn into the secret of the Shimmering.

The Shmmering Book


Gus Childers has left the nineteenth century and gone back through the Shimmering, hoping to find his long-lost family after forty-six years. However, the world he discovers is not what he was expecting. 

His new friends, Daniel and Emily Lane, have stayed behind, looking to make a new life together in the 1800s. As they settle into their new life on the homestead given to them by Chief William Colbert, they search for the life they have always wanted. A simpler life that they can live to the fullest. 

Daniel discovers a diary that Gus left behind, which tells about Gus's life along Tennessee's frontier. 

Unending adventure, obstacles, and danger follow them as they carve out a new life in their little valley home. 

This sequel to The Shimmering by Michael L. Clark will keep you captivated and leave you wanting more.

The Diary of Gus Childers


Time traveler, Daniel Lane encounters a new victim to The Shimmering while trying to repair the timeline which Daniel and his companions have evidently altered.

Dr. Morgan Turner finds himself thrust back in time from 1962 into the battle at Shiloh Church during the Civil War. 

Daniel discovers Morgan and attempts to convince him that he is not a part of a Civil War Reenactment, but the actual battle of Shiloh.

Danger and adventure are at every turn in this conclusion to The Shimmering trilogy. You won’t want to put this down until you discover the secrets of The Prophet.


"I devoured The Prophet, as I transported back to a simpler time to find Daniel and Emily, who have become old friends of mine in this third installment in The Shimmering series.  This book is just as satisfying as the previous two books!  The adventures of ordinary people living in the 1800’s are exciting, and the details of living life during that time thrill the history buff in me.  Along the way, more becomes known about the mystery of The Shimmering as Daniel learns its secrets.  Walk through The Shimmering and experience the adventures of a simpler life lived to the fullest!"
- Steve Lindsey, Assistant Registrar, Mercer University School of Law


"Amazing! Great historical story! The Prophet is a great conclusion to The Shimmering series."
- Kelly Brown, Central Mississippi Library System

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